Selecting A Personalized Headstone

29 May 2015
 Categories: Religion & Spirituality, Blog


If you have had a loved one recently pass away, and you are looking for a unique headstone that will stand out from others, consider personalizing it in a way that your loved one will have appreciated. Here are a few ideas to consider when selecting headstones for your loved ones' grave sites.

Incorporate Photos

If you want people visiting the site to remember your loved one and how they had looked at the time of their death, consider adding a personalized photo to the headstone. This picture is usually an oval or round medallion that is adhered directly to the stone either in the top center or top corner, where it is easily seen. The medallions are water proof and last for several decades before needing a new encasement for the photograph. 

Pick Etched Stone

Stone etching is a beautiful way to memorialize someone in their headstone. Select a favorite place, scene, or animal and have a picture of it etched directly into the rock to be enjoyed by anyone visiting. This is a wonderful way to share a piece of your loved one's hobbies or enjoyments from when they were alive. The etched picture can be wrapped around the wording or can take up the entire front of the stone with the wording placed right on top of the picture.

Use Shapes And Colors

Instead of having a standard rectangular stone, select something off the beaten path to show the whimsical side of your loved one. For someone who enjoyed riding motorcycles, have the stone cut in the shape of a bike. For those that loved cats, cut the stone in a cat shape. There are no rules when it comes to the type of stone silhouette you want to use at the grave site. If this seems too bold for your taste, then use a colored stone instead of a gray or black color. Stones come in a variety of hues to choose from and can be polished to stand apart from the rest.

Try A Bench

Consider having a bench constructed from stone to sit at the head of your loved one's grave. Special bench headstones have the stone placed along the back of the bench so that loved one can be seated when visiting. This allows people to stay for a while to reminisce without needing to sit on the ground or stand. The benches come in short one seat sizes or a full-sized bench can be placed for a few people to use at one.