2 Benefits Of Having Your Teenager Attend A College Prep High School

23 September 2019
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If you have a teenager who is either getting ready to enter high school or is in the first year, you may wonder what you can do to best prepare them for their secondary education if they plan on attending college after graduation. While the local public school may offer college-prep courses, you may not feel that they are adequate for giving your teen a head start. If you are looking into your options, consider the benefits of enrolling your teenager in a college-prep high school.

1.  Intense Coursework Is Similar to College Classes

One benefit of having your teenager attend a college-prep school is that they will be exposed to much more intensive coursework than they would receive at a public school. The purpose of these rigorous classes is twofold. Not only do the classes give your teen a sound knowledge base to help them succeed on the entrance exams and beginning college classes, but they also prepare your child for the faster pace of college.

Once your teenager reaches the upper grades at the prep school, they may also be able to take advanced classes that will qualify for college credits. These credits will give your teenager a head start once they start at a university.

2.  Smaller Teacher-to-student Ratios Ensure More Direct Instruction

Another advantage of enrolling your teenager in a private high school that is focused on college preparation is that the teacher-to-student ratio is smaller than larger public schools. In a public high school, your teen may become lost in a crowd of students even if they are taking college-prep classes.

However, at a college-prep high school, your teenager will receive more personalized attention from their teachers. Especially since the coursework is more intense, these schools recognize the importance of having more one-on-one time with the instructors.

Not only does this help them learn the material better, but personalized help can help your teenager clear up any questions they may have or discuss any difficulties they are having with a topic. With the teachers' help, your teenager will better know where to refocus their efforts to achieve optimal grades.

After learning the benefits of enrolling your teenager into a private high school that focuses on preparing them for college, you may decide that you would like to learn more. Contact a college-prep high school in your area to learn more about their curriculum and programs as well as their admissions process.