Seeking Knowledge In God? Important Steps To Learning More

9 November 2020
 Categories: Religion & Spirituality, Blog


If you are seeking to learn more about God and his ways, it is easy to feel overwhelmed or confused when presented with all the information available. In Christianity alone, there are numerous books, translations of the Bible, and so many churches it can be difficult to know where to begin or what sources you can trust to give you reliable information. Starting with a few basic steps will help you grow in your knowledge of God.

Read the Bible

There are many Bible translations on the market today and finding one you enjoy reading and that is easy to understand is crucial when you desire to increase your knowledge of God. A few easy-to-read translations include the New International Version, New Living Translation, English Standard Version, and the New King James Version. Study Bibles are a great option for those searching for answers, as they contain numerous resources to help you learn about God and understand his ways.

Seek out a church

Find a church where you feel at home and feel comfortable asking questions. This will involve doing some searching and visiting multiple churches in your community until you find one that is a good fit for you. Listening to sermons at church each week will help you grow in your knowledge of God and learn how to apply God's truth in scripture to your own life.

Enroll in a Bible study

Many churches offer midweek Bible studies that you can participate in or you can find a Bible study group online if desired. Studying a specific book in the Bible will help you grow in your knowledge of scripture, and you will see how God worked in the lives of his people in the past. Working through your weekly lessons will help you learn important facts about God and the Bible.

Join a small group

Churches often offer small groups or circles where a few people agree to meet for fellowship in their home, a local coffee shop, or a park. These small groups are one of the best ways to grow in your knowledge of God while forming new friendships. These groups often combine learning by doing a Bible study and growing through fellowship with one another.

Seeking knowledge in God is a journey that can change your life, as you learn about faith and God's plan for mankind and the world. Taking a few basic steps will help you learn important facts about God and his character. Learning about God can help you make important decisions and find your ultimate purpose in life.